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Zoofic Home

it's like a disease, sort of

First National Amestris Zoo
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the First National Zoo of Amestris - the premier park for all your Hagaren (Fullmetal Alchemist) zoofic sightings! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Community Rules:
1. No spamming/flaming/trolling. Violators will be thrown to the Envies.

2. Be respectful of people's boundaries. This applies to both zoofic enthusiasts and detractors alike. If you don't like zoofic, great! DON'T READ IT. If you LIKE zoofic, and somebody else doesn't? DON'T PUSH IT ON THEM. Remember kids, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye...

3. Posting is restricted to members only. And you're more than welcome to lock posts to the community, if you're uncomfortable with having your zoofic public.

4. No intro posts/request posts. This wasn't previously explicitly stated, but now that the comm is large enough, it's a necessity. If you would like to introduce yourself, please do so along with fic or fanart content :D If you would like to request something of a particular author/artist, please do so directly through their journal or their email :) This will hopefully help cut down on flist spam.

5. No feeding the animals. But you may feed the authors comments :)

6. Want to join in? A few of the questions frequently asked by authors are here.

7. Zoofic Comm is not a democracy XD Mods reserve the right to change rules or take the community closed as they see fit.

Got a question about park procedures? Either contact the managers, or check the following FAQ...

Frequently Asked Questions

So, uh...what is Zoofic?
*deep breath* Hokay. Well, first of all - imagine that you're seeing the series through a different lens - the lens of a wildlife photographer, documenting the trials and tribulations of life for the fearless Mustang (predated on, unfortunately, by its natural enemy - paperwork). Tracking an elusive Elric through the library.

Now, imagine that the characters are more like chimera - human in form, but unable to communicate; actually viewed and treated as such by society at large.

Now, imagine that they're everywhere, and are an actual subspecies of hominid, and are actually in zoos, and wildlife reserves, and... XD;;

That, in essence, is the zoofic - so far away from the original canon, that it might not even count as "AU" anymore XD Many things can be said about the phenomenon, but the following quote probably sums it up best:

"You know it's f*cked up when the LEAST bizarre thing is that Elricest is canon."

O...kay. So uh, what can I expect from this community, then?

An archive (hopefully) of all the zoofic, and other various bits of information that go with the universe. Keep in mind that, since this was developed by a number of different authors over time, there is no hard and fast "canon". A lot of the fics are in fact interwoven, but that's just cause we've all gotten bunnied off of each other :) Anyone is welcome to join in with their own ideas and insights.

As for the type of fics, zoofics run the gamut from light and fluffy, to dark and angsty; some may even contain death, gore, sex, and violence. Many different pairings are also represented, including yaoi/yuri. Remember folks: the back button applies. If you don't like something, don't read it. Nobody's holding a gun to your head :)

...you people are all sick in the head, aren't you.

Quite probably :) But it's a fun sort of insanity!

"Come on, get down with the sickness!"